A WONDERFUL experience

"Jennifer Okamoto find portraiture is WONDERFUL! Every part of the process, from the photo sessions to the selection is so easy, and Jennifer does a great job of getting the best possible images of my family. My favorite part of the experience as watching the photo sessions and seeing the wonderful moments of my children captured!"
- Kristy Kinsey


Absolutely loved EVERYTHING!

"Extremely professional, amazing with kids, and beautiful products! I absolutely loved everything about the experience! Our portraits will forever be cherished!"
- Sheila Evers


Everything we wanted and more

"Jennifer is fine, professional and money well spent. Spending time with Jennifer was like spending time with a friend who just happens to take amazing photographs. Jennifer came highly recommended from a friend. Seen Jennifer interact with my daughters and coax smiles was always fun, but the best part was the viewings and getting to see how BEAUTIFUL the photos were and how she had captured their personalities in portraits. Thank you for being so wonderful and easy to work with."
- Jeff and Miranda Brown



"Jennifer has consistently gone out of her way to accommodate our needs from the very beginning. She is a pleasure to work with. We have enjoyed laughing and learning with her. I love the time that is set aside for my child. We don’t feel rushed and Jennifer strives to capture our little ones personality, rather than force her into specific poses. Thank you!"
- Carrie Rosen


Stellar, professional service

"To work with Jennifer, well, it is AMAZING!! If you want to capture those precious moments of your babies life, Jennifer will go above and beyond your expectations. I love how relaxed Jennifer is the entire time. She is very patient and you can see she loves what she does. It shows in her work. I love how she captured my daughters smash cake session so perfectly. From the start, my experience with Jennifer Okamoto Fine Portraiture has been nothing but amazing. Jennifer is a caring, beautiful, fun and talented photographer! Keep up the great work."
- Kristi Lagondino


Patient and AWESOME!

"Jennifer is excellent at creating wonderful portraits, has a lot of patience, great props/ideas and awesome with babies. We love all the pictures made by Jennifer. It is so hard to choose our poses each session. We will definitely continue to work with Jennifer."
- Amy Okumura and Kevin Yemen


Highly experience photographer

Jennifer is a very highly experienced photographer with knowledge that would guarantee you to have the best picture possible.  We hired her to capture our baby growing up and she knew exactly how to work with him to get the best picture possible.  We first thought it was impossible to get any good photos of him because he can't stay still, but Jennifer knew how to direct his attention to her camera to get all the shots we need. Thank you Jennifer for all the beautiful photos!""
-The Wang family

Outstanding work

]My husband and I couldn't be more happier with the choice to go with Jennifer. She is easy to work with and the quality of her work is outstanding. We currently have purchased the wiggles and giggles package and she has seen our son at newborn, 3, 6, and 9 months and we just LOVE all the photos from EVERY session. She truly has a gift of capturing the innocence and joy of our son."
-Kelli-Ann Ching

So patient and able to connect with my children

"I have two children and Jennifer took both of their photos every three months until they hit their one year old birthdays. Each and every time I saw her, she was very professional and very nice! Jennifer connected with my children and it showed in the beautiful pictures she took. She takes the time to talk to them so they are warmed up by the time the session starts and she is so patient during the sometimes L-O-N-G sessions! She backs up her satisfaction guarantee policy and repentance photos if she is not fully satisfied explanation Mark explanation Mark she will not show them to us unless they passed her test! She truly takes pride in her business and it shows in all of her work! Many times she has met me in town (I do not live in Mililani) to hand-deliver my photos – as I believe she knew I did not like to drive all the way to Mililani. In my opinion, Jennifer does great work - her price points are a reflection of the value of her work and she has never pressured me into buying an expensive package. I actually bought everything all a cart and did not pay an arm and a leg for my prince. I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone who wants priceless pictures of their babies!!
-Lorelei Nishiguchi

A true professional that makes it all worthwhile

Having Jennifer capture our daughter's first year was a worthwhile investment.  At first, my husband was against about spending money on professional photos, but after seeing the end result after the first session, he was sold!  We even went back recently and had her two year-old photos taken and will be returning again in October for our son's newborn session.  Jennifer is a true professional who makes you and your little one feel completely at ease and allows for breaks when needed.  We never felt rushed and she was always able to take her time during our sessions for the best photos possible.  Even when I didn't think the session went well due to a squirmy toddler, I was proved wrong with great photos!  And, as a busy professional, I also appreciate how Jennifer's studio runs ON TIME.  I am so thankful to have walls filled with such great photos of our daughter!  Great photographer and great experience!
-Michelle Garibay

Couldn't be happier

Shortly after the birth of my older son, I received a mailing detailing Jennifer’s Baby Plan (now called Little Watch Me Grow).  I was skeptical about such a great deal, but like most first time moms, couldn’t pass up an opportunity to have my child photographed.  I am so glad I didn’t! Our first session was terrific.  My son was immediately comfortable with Jennifer, who was incredibly patient and unflappable.  If he needed to eat or be changed, or just take a short break, it wasn’t an issue.  The props she had and ideas she suggested for poses were fun and creative.  I was sold.Then came the sales pitch and I admittedly was a bit surprised by Jennifer’s pricing sheet.  My husband and I discussed it at length and went to our viewing session determined that we were only purchasing the Baby Panel, the original draw to Jennifer.  Then we saw the numerous photos she had taken of our son, each better than the last, and knew we would be purchasing much more than just the Baby Panel.  It is a decision we have never regretted.  The professionalism and pride in her work shown by Jennifer, as well as the quality, selection and quantity of portraits are far superior to the standard run-of-the-mill photo studio.  We LOVE the portraits Jennifer created for us and take great joy in hanging them in our home and giving them as gifts to friends and family. Unfortunately, we moved out of the country shortly after learning I was pregnant with our second son.  I was dismayed to think that we would not have the same chance to chronicle his first year with Jennifer’s wonderful photos.  When my husband recently informed me that he was required to return to Oahu for business reasons, I jumped at the chance to make it a family trip, and promptly contacted Jennifer to schedule a photography session.  We are now eagerly awaiting arrival of our new portraits and I couldn’t be happier.  I only hope that business needs require my husband to return on a regular basis so that we can continue to have our boys photographed by Jennifer!
-Margaret Toon

Worth EVERY penny!!

Jennifer Okamoto did an AMAZING job with my sisters and my daughters photo shoots. Yes, it is exspensive but I have to say that it is worth every PENNY! the worst part is containing yourself when your picking out your pictures! I absolutely loved everyone of the pictures she took and I wanted to get them in every single size. She is really understanding if baby is not feeling well, fussy or if you don't like your pictures. She'll reschedule without giving you a hard time if baby is being difficult during the shoot and she doesn't charge any thing if this happens. Don't get me started on her referral cards she gives to you! She makes them for you to hand out to your friends and family but she uses your baby's pictures :) You want to keep every one of them! She does an excellent job and I really dont think theres enough words to explain just how much I appreciate her for capturing my daughters first year!"
-Rhyallah Hodson