Whether you are considering a single session or a series of portrait sessions, Jennifer Okamoto Fine Portraiture wants to help you preserve your memories so they will last a lifetime.

Watch Me Grow is a series of three consecutive sessions offered at different stages. They are 3 - 4 months, 6 - 7 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, and 5 years.

3 - 4 Month Session

This first stage of your baby’s development (3 - 4 months old) is when your baby is laying on their tummy and holds their head up nice and strong. Please practice with your baby before your appointment. Lay your baby on a blanket on the floor and bring both hands in front of your baby’s chest. When you hold your hand on top of your baby’s hands, their head should “pop” up. If your baby doesn’t like tummy time, keep practicing and they will get used to it.

The session will start with baby in a diaper, so please dress baby in something that can be easily removed. Since most 3 month olds aren’t fond of tummy time, we like to do the tummy images towards the beginning of the session. Next, we will photograph baby in an outfit. Even though baby will only be photographed in one outfit, you are welcome to bring a selection, and we can advise you on which outfit will photograph best. Please make sure the clothing fits well. Solid colors always look better than prints, including stripes. Pastels are soft and work the best for babies at this age. Try to stay away from reds and yellows, as they tend to make baby’s skin look either sunburned or jaundiced. Hats also make a great accessory!

Most importantly, be prepared. Your baby will more than likely get off-schedule and need an extra “snack”. Also, some babies are already teething and may benefit from teething aids.

6 - 7 Month Session

This stage (6 - 7 months) is when baby is sitting up without assistance, but not yet on the go. We will capture baby at the roly-poly happy phase when those big grins and belly laughs are lighting up your life. Sitting babies make the absolute best models, since they cannot crawl away and are easily amused with peek-a-boo and squeaky toys. Portraits at this stage capture the beginning of those dynamic personalities - a glimpse of the magic that only comes from such a small person interacting with their environment.

Baby will be photographed naked, in a diaper (don’t worry, it won’t show) and in one outfit. Make sure clothing fits well, preferably solid color. Try to stay away from reds and yellows. If your baby is not sitting up strong, please let us know. For safety reasons, it is very important baby can sit well.

9 Month Session

This session comes with a warning label. At this stage, your baby will be going through major teething and may also experience separation or stranger anxiety; so even if baby liked Auntie Jennifer before, they might be wary this session.

Since this session can bring challenges, please do not expect smiles from baby. Babies have a lot on their mind at this age and will usually stare off in the distance with a sweet face like a porcelain doll. We jokingly call it the “nine-month stare!"

Many studios will not photograph 9 month olds, because their photographers are not adequately trained. It takes a lot of patience to properly capture this stage, but the good news is we have a lot of that!

This session comes with a warning label. At this stage, your baby will be going through may be going through major teething and may also experience separation or stranger anxiety; so even if baby liked Auntie Jennifer before, they might be wary this session.

12 Month Session

This is the time for a one-year formal portrait. We encourage bringing both a formal and casual outfit for this session. If you choose to have baby wear shoes, be sure that they are new or clean. As for clothing, please bring three to four outfits; remember, solids or small prints work best. Make sure clothing fits well and is not too big.

You may bring 3 - 5 pink or blue helium, latex balloons. Pick the balloons up shortly before the session, to ensure they don’t go flat. As for cake, we have a realistic-looking cake prop or you can purchase a cake with colorful frosting. A real cake makes for very fun photos if baby is willing to get dirty. We strongly recommend that you stay away from fondant frosting; though it makes a beautiful cake, it is very difficult for baby to play with.

This session is the best time to consider having a family portrait or Kissable Collection done.

18 Months - 5 Years Old

At this stage of your child’s life, they will often respond better to posing. However, the younger ones tend to have shorter attention spans. These ages allow for creative and innovative images that show off emotion, personality, and imagination. These photographs can be whimsical, playful, serious, and everything in between. Capturing the spirit of a child is our goal! Frequently a child is self-conscious or shy when they arrive and will require some time to adjust, and that’s okay; nothing is rushed with us. We create a calm and welcoming environment, which allows your child to relax, and us to capture those tender moments. For additional information, here’s what to expect.

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Single Sessions $100
Watch Me Grow $400 for 3 session

Gift Portraits start at $89
Wall Portraits start at $400
Digital & Print Collections start at $750