What to Expect

Jennifer Okamoto Fine Portraiture is a private portrait studio located in Mililani, Oahu, Hawaii. We specialize in babies, young children, families, and maternity. We love touching your heart with the images that we create and the service we provide. We strive for it every day, with every client. 

We would love to add you to our studio family. Please check out the links below to find out more about Jennifer Okamoto Fine Portraiture. Be sure to check out the galleries and the investment guide to decide if we are the right studio for you.

Newborn Session

For the best newborn images, schedule your session when baby is between 5 and 14 days old. Generally, babies under 2 weeks are the most pliable, which helps us get those incredibly cute newborn poses. Babies generally sleep for longer periods of time at this younger age. Babies up to 6 weeks are eligible for the newborn session, though babies between 2 and 6 weeks are not as pliable or cooperative as the younger ones.

Your Session

This studio is an appointment-only studio, which means that you will always be our main focus. We encourage you to personalize your session and share with us any needs or desires you may have. In particular, please share beforehand any concerns that you may have such as if your child is especially shy, has special needs or reacts well (or not so well) to certain stimuli. Our approach is always open and relaxed. We will spend time with you and your child, because connecting with both of you is the surest way to awesome images.

Session Preparation

Be sure to pack a good supply of diapers/wipes and bottles/formula/breast milk. Our average session lasts between 2 - 3 hours, but we always like everyone to be prepared. If you are using a pacifier, even sparingly, please bring it along. Also, be sure to dress your little one in an outfit that zips or snaps down the front, pulling clothing over baby’s head can often times ruin the start to a photo session.

We have found the most important factor to be a good long feeding just prior to leaving home (preferably with a bottle of breast milk or formula to fill baby up really well). It is also helpful to try and keep your baby alert prior to feeding so that baby is tired and ready to sleep on the ride over. A
 sponge bath with a few drops of baby oil can help relax them as well as decrease skin flaking. Please don't feed baby right before you reach the studio to ensure they settle into a deep sleep on the car ride to the studio. Bring baby into the studio still strapped in the car seat. By following these recommendations, you will dramatically increase the chances for a successful photo session!