Professional baby portraits are often thought of as a luxury. I mean, how easy is it to use your phone camera or better yet, a point and shoot camera to capture the spontaneous moments of your baby? It is so fast and easy, right? Heck, having a baby means additional expenses and can put a strain on the wallet. So why use your hard earned paycheck for professional baby photos, when you can do it yourself? It’s simple. Professional baby photographers offer professional expertise.


Here’s some food for thought. You can choose to purchase a pair of inexpensive scissors at your local drugstore and give yourself a haircut. However, most people would agree that you’re going to get a better haircut if you pay an expert hairstylist to do it for you. This holds true for professional photography too.


Remember the saying, you get what you pay for? This is true. There is so much more to baby photographs than just clicking the camera. A professional baby photographer knows, understands and loves babies! And they often become a close friend as they document the baby’s milestones.  Professional quality takes time and expertise. It is necessary to capture and create images that you will treasure for a lifetime. The investment is worth it when you find the right professional photographer for your family’s goals. Can you really put a price on photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime? Remember, babies our life’s most precious gift.



Studio maternity sessions are a lovely way to celebrate this special time of sweet anticipation! Document you’re your beauty as you await your baby's arrival. It won’t be long before your arms and heart are filled with more than you can imagine.


Your baby is changing everyday, remember those special, beautiful, interactive moments in the beginning. As a Hawaii Based Newborn Photographer, I understand that your baby’s photographs will be among your most treasured possessions throughout the rest of your life.

Baby's First Year

Whether it’s tummy time, sitting up, crawling or standing, each of these roly-poly milestones is the perfect time to document your baby’s growth, as babies grow so quickly in the first year.

Smash Cake

Smash cake sessions have become a much anticipated part of the one year photo session. Whether you use a real cake with colorful frosting or one of our realistic cakes, your baby is sure to have a memorable experience.


Toddlers are adorable, busy, charming, demanding and sometimes stubborn. Some are shy and some are silly. These are some of the most memorable in their childhood.


Most people never take the time to have a professional family portrait made. Your children grow up much too fast, but you can preserve this moment in time with a portrait that you will treasure the rest of your life, and be proud to hand down from generation to generation.

Preserving Lifetime Memories

“Jennifer made us feel as if we were all close friends. I am sure she hears this countless times, but Jennifer really does have an amazing talent for preserving lifetime memories and working with children!” 
- Jennifer Aquino

Passionate and Professional

"Professional, friendly, real, and detail-oriented. From the moment you meet her, you can tell she has a passion for working with children, for photography, and for professionalism."
-Tara Bittner

Worth Every Penny

“I absolutely love Jennifer’s work. When viewing my images, I am amazed at how many there are and I always have the hardest time narrowing them down. I wished I had heard about Jennifer when I had my oldest son, but I am so glad that I was able to make the investment with my last two. Her photos are worth every penny." 
-Jaimie Cabuag